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Dual Band Mobile Booster for Voice and 4G – 300 sq.m.

(Vodafone/Eir (Meteor)/Three)

2 Band
Coverage: Up to 300 sqm
Ideal for:
Eir (Meteor) Signal Boosters
Three Signal Boosters
Vodafone Signal Boosters
Calls & Data
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Benefits and Features:

  • Instant Signal Boost of up to 5 bars
  • CE & RoHS ISO Certified Product
  • Easy Installation
  • Fast Data Download
  • 2 -Year Warranty
This Dual Band booster is a good solution for boosting 2G and 4G signal of your mobile phone and wireless devices in an apartment, medium and large-sized office, bar, small hotels or other areas. It works with all Ireland mobile providers, so yourself, your family and friends, or staff and customers can enjoy flawless connections and clear voice calls no matter the mobile network.  
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Kit includes:

  • 1x repeater
  • 1x outdoor Panel antenna
  • 1x indoor antenna
  • 1x power adapter
  • 15 meters cable
  • 5 meters cable
  • Free Cable Clips
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Our Dual Band model  will serve you well if you want to improve your 2G and 4G. The booster operates for 800 MHz/900 MHz frequency range. It is a dual-band repeater that provides signal enhancement in 300 sq. m.

The signal booster can be installed in less than 15 minutes will our full installation kit and simple directions.  You will be up and running in no time at all!  The attractive design of our signal booster is paired with “5-bar” signal capability in urban or rural areas throughout entire Ireland.  Our 24/7 technical support staff is made up of trained professionals who are there to assist you with whatever you need.  Our signal boosters and excellent service are just what you need and is worth every penny!

This device can boost Vodafone, Eir (Meteor), and Three Mobile providers’ signal.


Coverage (sq. m.) Place to use Operator Frequency

Users Supporting Simultaneously

Up to 300 sq.m. Small Boat


Small Home

Small Office

Vodafone (2G & 4G)

Eir (Meteor) (2G & 4G)

Three (4G)

800/900 50


Down-link Voltage Size


824~ 849 MHz

890 ~ 915 MHz


869~ 894 MHz

935~ 960 MHz


AC90-264V, DC 5V/3A 225*140*32 mm 1.2 kg


Technical Specifications:

Frequency range
824 ~ 829MHz 890 ~ 915 MHz
864 ~ 894 MHz 935 ~ 960 MHz
Gain Up link:  Gp≥53dB Downlink: Gp≥55dB
output Up link :15dBm Downlink: 17dBm Function a) Power supply LED denote b) Export power LED denote
Port VSWR ≤1.8DB I/O impedance 50Ω/N connector
Noise figure ≤6dB Transmission delay ≤0.5μs
Ambient temperature -15°C~55°C Power supply AC/220V±10% 45~55Hz
Size/weight 225*140*32 (mm)/1.2kg Coverage area Up to 300 sqm
Led Signal Indication explanation:
LED Status Definition
Power Red Normal
Off DC power problem
  DL (Downlink) White No signal received   Solution: Adjust the outdoor installation to get sound signal
Green Signal received ok but not perfect
Red Full signal received

Product FAQ:

How do I determine the best place to set up my booster?

How many users will one booster support?

Should I check the location of my network provider’s nearest tower?

How can I check if the booster will work for me?

How It Works:

4.68 out of 5 basiert auf 71 customer reviews
71 customer reviews

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  1. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Worth every penny

    My wife and I bought a house some distance from town, and the agent told us connection was good that we would even get a strong Wi-Fi connection. As it turns out cell service here is very poor. We had to buy this unit even though it wasn't in our budget. We are just happy we have a good signal, and we can continue with our life.

  2. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    Easy to install

    I bought this unit and did the installation myself. It’s pretty easy as long as you follow the basics.

  3. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Great product!

    Usually, cell service is terrible in our area, and we barely receive any calls while in the house. After installing this booster things have been great, and I can operate without any inconveniences.

  4. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Works great when installed properly!

    I bought this unit sometime last month, and I wasn't sure how I was supposed to install it, so I went through the instructions, and within a couple of hours I was done. The nearest cell tower from my house is some miles away, so I had to adjust the external antenna a few times to get strong reception. Now everything is perfect, and I'm really happy with this booster.

  5. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    This product really works

    I was a bit skeptical if this would actually work in my house located far away from town in the middle of nowhere. Cell service is terrible and finding a single bar of reception is as hard as it gets. I installed this unit and ever since I get a strong 4G network. I can make phone calls in the house and also send and receive emails. Streaming is not possible, but I guess it’s because we live far away from the nearest cell tower.

  6. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Works perfectly

    This signal booster does the job perfectly. Ever since purchasing it I get the best signal ever in my house. A solid 5 bars of 4G service is more than I could ask for.

  7. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    So far the service is great

    We live far off from town and reception is terrible. I purchased this unit hoping it would solve my problems and ever since I can get 4G service reliably. Not sure if it's good enough to stream but so far so good.

  8. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    Very pleased

    This device works incredibly good as long as you can identify the strongest direction for your antennas. I adjusted mine a few times, and I now get amazing reception.

  9. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Works great

    I live in the mountains and the cell service in the house is not that great. I ordered this unit, and within five days my delivery was made. I went ahead and mounted the outdoor antenna on the rooftop the placed the booster and the indoor antenna in the living room. When I powered it on, my service improved tremendously. Now I get 4 bars of 4G in most rooms in the house.

  10. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Feels like I still live in the city!

    My husband suggested we relocate and not long ago we relocated from town to a rural area. We have our own house now, but cell coverage here is terrible. We bought this booster and crossed our fingers that it would work. Luckily for us, it did, and we get a strong 4G network in every room in the house. Sometimes I forget we don't live in the city anymore.

  11. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    Surpassed my expectations

    I must admit I had my doubts with this product. I never really thought it would work and when I finally got my hands on it and set it up, I was shocked to see strong 5 bars of service on my phone. I have to say I'm beyond pleased with this one.

  12. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Works well

    I bought this signal booster when I barely had any service in my cabin. I experienced dropped calls a lot, and I was already accustomed to the trend. Now I get a strong signal, and my calls are pretty clear

  13. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Just what I needed

    I have had signal issues in my office for years now. I struggle to make phone calls, and I was already getting used to it. I came across this unit and ever since my connection is great. No more struggles and I get to work conveniently.

  14. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    Transformed our cellular experience

    We live far off in the woods and service is not great around here. Most times we have to walk outside the house to get a good signal. Ever since buying this booster and placing the receivers in the right positions, things have really changed around here. It works fantastically, and I get a strong signal all around the house.

  15. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    The best in the market

    I approve of this mobile signal booster. I bought it sometime ago for my office and I have been holding my breath waiting for something to go wrong. So far it hasn't and I don't think it will any time soon. I also loved how professional their tech support were and so far I have gotten two of friends to get a unit each.

  16. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Decent results

    I ordered this unit because I could hardly get anything done while in my house. I had to hold my phone up and walk from room to room looking for a spot with good strength. Don't even get me started on the calls - it was horrible. I get good signal now, answer mails and make calls without interruption. Now here is a company that delivers!

  17. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Does me great service

    I pretty much do everything on my phone - school, work, communication, socializing. I am admittedly very dependent on that device so weak signals mean a neat shutdown of my life. This new place I moved into had bad reception, but I am glad that I bought this booster and it got my life back in order. So thankful!

  18. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    Why didn't I know about it before!

    Now here is one mobile signal booster I would recommend again and again, and with a straight, unwavering face. I have had so many boosters in my time, where I l live is very hilly, so I would know a good booster, and this is a good one. I don't know who needs to hear this but get yourself this booster!

  19. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Great signals, no dropped calls

    The unit is impressive, I have say. I also received it in good time which is another plus. I called someone to come install it because I cannot install anything to save myself. He had such an easy time installing it from what I saw. I enjoy better calls quality and my signal has never been this strong. Thank you!

  20. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Helped my craft

    I am a photographer by profession. I love to edit my shots home and send them to my clients within a stipulated time frame. They got so mad whenever I could not send their work in time because my area has absolutely horrendous signals. I decided to buy the signal booster so I could remain connected within and some yards outside the house. Best decision ever.

  21. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    I am telling all my friends about it

    Imagine an online-based company with dire signal problems? That was my reality. I put in a lot of money into my start-up and hard high hopes in it, only to have weak signals torture us and deny us any peace at all. I had a lot of fear when I bought the unit, and was hoping really hard it works. It did, and now I am telling all my friends about it.

  22. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Serves the entire office

    Bought it for the office which has almost 30 people in it. Disconnections mid-call due to the bad signals were not rare and everyone was pretty worked out about them. I bought this unit and everyone is very appreciative of the change. No one person experiences the horrible signal fluctuations as was the case before.

  23. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    I approve!

    I have little or no trust in things bought online, and even less trust for things that are even remotely techie- related bought online. I was drawn to the way the information on their website was detailed and did not have a hard time selecting a booster with the kind of range I was going for. The time for delivery bothered me a bit but that was all. The unit works perfectly as promised. I can't be more satisfied.

  24. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Going for seconds

    My experience with this network booster has been positive all through. It eliminated pretty much all you network related problems I had, and they were many and very serious. I have two homes and coincidentally both of them had weak signals with some rooms having one bar or less. I am in the process of ordering another one for my second home. Such a reliable company!

  25. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    Took forever to get delivered

    I have no qualms about the working of the signal booster. It is perfect, to say the least. What bothered me the most was the delivery period. It took six business days, I expected it in three. The customer service was very responsive and patiently helped me track the progress of the delivery. I would like to recommend this to many of my friends because the network problem is pretty inherent where I live, but I wish they would work on their delivery first.

  26. Verified Buyer

    4 out of 5

    Quick installation

    I toyed with the idea of calling someone to install the unit because I am frightfully clumsy and absolutely not hands-on. I avoid everything to do with installation. This once I decided to just take a risk and try installing it. It did not even take me that long. I didn't break anything in the process or fall down, which happens all the time. I am just glad that it works well too, my signal strengths have greatly improved. Do not let the installation process scare you!

  27. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Big relief

    Bought it upon the recommendation of my friend. He promised to pay back half my money if it did not work well... That is how skeptical I was about the whole thing. Thankfully, he was right. This booster right here pretty much changed my life. The dropped calls that frustrated me the most are long gone. It is such a huge relief.

  28. Verified Buyer

    5 out of 5

    Life at the office is easier

    Being at the office is hard enough without good signal. With all the dropped calls and having to go two floors up to actually get good signal, it was just hell. A colleague suggested that I buy this and everyone has proper connection now. We use different mobile operators but we all have strong signals which we are immensely thankful for. Life at the office is better!



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