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how to install mobile signal booster in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Install the outdoor antenna on the roof of the building, as high as possible where you have a good signal. Ensure that it faces the cell tower to get the best signal reception (meaning better than 70dBm).

Step 2

Connect the outdoor antenna to the signal repeater ("BTS" port), by using a cable. Using waterproof tape, wrap the junction of the outdoor antenna and the cable well. The distance between the outdoor antenna and the booster unit is recommended to be from 10-20 meters.

Step 3

The signal repeater "MS" port is used to connect it to the indoor antenna by a coax cable. The recommended distance between the indoor antenna and the booster unit is 3-5 meters Note: If there is more than one antenna, please connect them using the splitter.

Step 4

After all the units have been installed, check them carefully to make sure that all the cable connectors are tight, before plugging it into the power supply.